CAROUSCHKA STREJFFERT Born in Stockholm 1955.
1971-73 Gerlesborg School of Art in Stockholm
1973-78 University College of Art, Craft and Design in Stockholm
1978--- Own practice Carouschka AB
Interior architecture: Conversions, reconstructions and project planning
for living spaces, public spaces and small houses.
Exhibition stand designs for industry and museums.
Scenographic productions for stage and cinema.
Carouschka has had about thirty separate exhibitions and has participated
in a large number of joint exhibitions mostly in Sweden but also abroad.
She has also taken part in around thirty TV productions about interior
design on various Swedish TV channels.
1985--- Carouschka has designed more than 100 unique carpets for
          private customers.
1986-88 Carouschka was one of the owners of the "Stockholm Mobile" Gallery.
          In cooperation with B A Månsson/J Bohlin/J Björklund.
1990 Carouschka was one of fifty Swedish celebrities to host one of
         Radio Sweden´s most popular programmes "Sommarpratarna".
2007-08 Kv. Rosendal Större Conversion of attic space into loft
and reconstruction of artist studio.
2003 Kv. Kejsarkronan 13 Conversion of business space into living loft. Stockholm
2003 Kv. Riddaren 12 Conversion of business space into living loft. Stockholm
1999 NCC Conversion of industry premises into living loft. Stockholm
1998 Husarö:94 Construction of artists building
in the Stockholm archipelago.
1996 ATT Grafiska Construction of office and production
facilities/ print works.
1990 CityMail Conversion of industrial location
to head office and distribution offices.
1986 Team Tryckeri Reconstruction of office/print works. Stockholm
1985 Stockholm Mobile Conversion of workshop space into gallery. Stockholm
1984 Kv. Riddaren 13 Conversion of attic space into loft. Stockholm
1983 Åkerlund & Rausing Reconstruction of head office/showroom. Lund
1981 Alby Klorat Reconstruction of head office and
director´s residence.
1979 Tarkett AB Reconstruction of head office/showroom. Anneberg
2008 TV "Nytt läge" Titan TV TV3 Stockholm
2004 TV Newsroom Strix AB TV3 Stockholm
2004-07 TV "Koja till slott" Strix AB TV3 Stockholm
2001-03 TV "Roomservice" Jarowski Svenska AB TV5 Stockholm
2002 TV "Tidsmaskinen" Sveriges Television AB SVT Syd Malmö
2001 Dance "Fragile" Choreographer K Kvarnström Dansens Hus Stockholm
2000 Dance "Split Vision" Choreographer K Kvarnström Dansens Hus Stockholm
2000 Dance "343" Choreographer K Kvarnström Dansens Hus Stockholm
1998 Dance "245,5" Choreographer K Kvarnström Dansens Hus Stockholm
1998 Happening Inaugural cermony of
Stockholm - Cultural
Capital of Europe
Carouschka/K Kvarnström City Hall Stockholm
1997 Dance "108 dB" Choreographer K Kvarnström Octobre en Normandie Le Havre
1996 Theatre "Lektionen" Director H Klinga Dramaten Stockholm
1995 Opera "Madame Butterfly" Director J Hemmanus Malmö Opera & Musikteater Malmö
1995 Dance "… and the angels
began to scream"
Choreographer K Kvarnström Dansens Hus Stockholm
1995 Dance "XXX" Choreographer K Kvarnström Dansens Hus Stockholm
1994 Theatre "Snöfrid/Jasmin" Director B Smeds Unga Riksteatern Stockholm
1992 Dance "Voyeur" Choreographer K Kvarnström Dansens Hus Stockholm
1992 Film "Sökarna" Directors D Fredell/P Cartier Svensk Filmindustri Stockholm
1992 Short Film "Hett Hett Hett" Directors B Smeds/Carouschka Filminstitutet Stockholm
1991 Dance "That was all I wanted" Choreographer K Kvarnström Dansens Hus Stockholm
1991 Theatre "Processen mot Gud" Director J Lederman Judiska Teatern Stockholm
1990 Theatre "Sol & Vår" Director J Cornell Stadsteatern Stockholm
2004 Furniture Fair "Fragile" Roof Installation Stockholm  
2002 Nationalmuseum "Identitet" Logotypes Stockholm  
2001 Konstfack "Free Radicals" Stockholm Carouschka/Connolly
2000 Rööhska "Den rörliga bilden 100 år" Gothenburg  
2000 Nordiska Museet "Den rörliga bilden 100 år" Stockholm  
1999 Ikea "Humanism/Swedish furniture history" Helsingborg  
1998 Forum för form "Karin och Carl Larsson" Stockholm  
1996 Konstakademin Handicraft Stockholm  
1994 Design Museum "Plastic" London Carouschka/Rahoult
1993 Teknikens Hus "Plastic" Luleå Carouschka/Rahoult
1993 Kulturhuset/V Frölunda "Plastic" Gothenburg Carouschka/Rahoult
1993 Kulturhuset "Plastic" Stockholm Carouschka/Rahoult
1991 Rooseum "Pompeiji" Archeology Malmö Carouschka/Rahoult
1991 Patentverket "PVC" Stockholm Carouschka/Rahoult
1991 Moderna Museet "Lika Med" Photography Stockholm Carouschka/Rahoult
1991 Kulturhuset "Global Terminal" Stockholm  
1990 Nord Form 90 "Scandinavian Design" Malmö Carouschka/Rahoult
1989 Nordiska Museet "Benetton" Stockholm Carouschka/Rahoult
1989 Stockholmsmässan "Designers United" Swedish fashion Stockholm  
1989 Design Center Industry Design Stockholm  
1989 Arkitekturmuseet "Architecture in Soviet" Stockholm Carouschka/Wallén
1988 Stockholmsmässan "RUSH" Swedish fashion Stockholm  
1987 Sollentunamässan "Sprall" Children´s fair Stockholm  
1986-88 Gallery Stockholm Mobile 27 different art exhibitions Stockholm Carouschka/Bohlin
1986 Svenska Reklamförbundet Guldägget/Grand Hotel Stockholm  
1985 Arlanda Car exhibition/SAAB 900 Stockholm  
1985 Stockholmsmässan Car exhibition/SAAB 900 Stockholm  
1985 Vänersborg Car exhibition/SAAB 900 Vänersborg  
1985 Strassbourg Car exhibition/SAAB 900 Strassbourg  
1985 Design Center Opening exhibition Stockholm Carouschka/Bohlin/Arbén
1984 Kålmården Car exhibition/SAAB Kålmården  
1984 Stockholms antikmässa Edwald Dalskog Stockholm  
1983 Tekniska Mässan Swedish Diment Stockholm Carouschka/Bohlin
2004 Formex Installation "Much is More" Stockholm
2003 Hemtex Installation "Much is More" Stockholm
2000 Pukeberg Collage/Carpets/"Is i Doran" Stockholm
1999 Arlanda/Luftfartsverket Book "Carouschka´s Tickets" Stockholm
1998 Stockholms Kulturhus Collage/Book "Carouschka´s Tickets" Stockholm
1998 INSYN Stockholm 98 Installation "Paus Dolk" Stockholm
1996 Art Fair Book "Razzia" Stockholm
1995 Gallery Gerthel Set Design "Madame Butterfly" Malmö
1995 Design Center Costumes "Madame Butterfly" Malmö
1995 Rouen (gallery) Paintings Rouen
1994 Gallery Gerthel Collage "Hett Hett Hett" Malmö
1993 Art Fair No 13 Gallery Löwenadler Collage "Hett Hett Hett" Stockholm
1991 Gallery Tempo Sculptures "Prezzat" Stockholm
1991 Gallery Galax Sculptures "Prezzat" Gothenburg
1990 Kulturhuset/V. Frölunda Installation "Utopian Luggage" Gothenburg
1990 Gallery Gerthel Installation "Sensupati" Malmö
1989 Stockholms Kulturhus Installation "Utopian Luggage" Stockholm
1989 Grand Palais Installation "Utopian Luggage" Paris/The Cultural
Capital of Europe 89
1988 NK Carpets Stockholm
1988 Museum Drawings/Carpets Copenhagen
1988 International Furniture Fair Carpets Stockholm
1988 Illum Bolighus Drawings/Carpets Copenhagen
1987 Margit Brandts Packhus Carpets Copenhagen
1987 Gallery Gerthel Drawings/Carpets Malmö
1987 Gallery Galax Collage Gothenburg
1987 Form Design Center Carpets Malmö
1986 Stockholm World Philatelic Collage "365 Letters of the Day" Stockholm
1986 Stockholm Mobile Carpets Stockholm
1986 Stockholm Mobile Collage "365 Letters of the Day" Stockholm
1986 International Fashion Fair Fashion Collection "Rush" Stockholm
1984 Doktor Glas Paintings Stockholm
1983 Gallery Konstkällaren Paintings Gothenburg
1982 Gallery Uddenberg Paintings Stockholm
1982 Gallery Futura Drawings "Pastelldygnet no 2" Stockholm
1981 Gallery Yves Arman Drawings "Pastelldygnet no 2" New York
1980 Gallery Engström Drawings "Pastelldygnet no 1" Stockholm
1980 Gallery Engström Paintings/Drawings Stockholm
2004 Sthlm Art Fair/Life Foundation Collage Stockholm
2001 Millesgården Glassware "Is i doran" Stockholm
2001 Bomässan/Malmö Collage Malmö
1999 Designbiennal Glassware "Is i doran" Glass Saint-Ètienne
1998 Society O Collage Stockholm
1998 Living in Sweden Carpets Milan
1998 Gallery Gertel Collage Malmö
1998 Female Forms Collage Stockholm
1998 Sthlm Art Fair/Life Foundation Sculpture Stockholm
1997 Magasin 2 Kinnasand Table Stockholm
1995 Gallery Asplund Carpets Stockholm
1993 Lunds konsthall Clothes Lund
1992 Waldemarsudde Clothes Stockholm
1992 Art Fair No 12, Gallery Löwenadler Paintings Stockholm
1991 Swedish Exhibition Carpets New Delhi
1991 Swedish Exhibition Carpets Bombay
1991 Swedish Exhibition Carpets Bangalore
1991 Santiago Art Museum Carpets Santiago
1991 Rööhska Museet Art furniture Gothenburg
1991 Graphic Gallery "Alfabetet F" Stockholm
1990 Tepia Congress Hall Installation "Telepathic Telefax" Tokyo
1990 Södertälje konsthall Art furniture Södertälje
1990 Sandvikens konsthall Art furniture Sandviken
1990 Norrtälje konstmuseum Art furniture Norrtälje
1989 Västerås konsthall Carpets Västerås
1989 Upplands läns museum Carpets Uppsala
1989 Sandviken konsthall Carpets Sandviken
1989 Rådhuset Örnsköldsvik Carpets Örnsköldsvik
1989 Kalmars konstmuseum Carpets Kalmar
1989 International Design Zentrum Carpets Berlin
1989 Art Fair No 9, Gallery Gerthel Carpets/Collage Stockholm
1988 New York Design Center Carpets New York
1988 Liljevalchs Carpets "Ting äger rum" Stockholm
1988 IBM Gallery Carpets "Swedish Faces" New York
1987 Rööhska Museet Carpets "Utmärkt Svensk Form" Gothenburg
1987 Grand Palais Carpets Paris
1987 Form Design Center Carpets "Utmärkt Svensk Form" Malmö
1987 Design Center Carpets Stockholm
1987 Design Center Brindfors Young Designers Stockholm
1983 Stockholms Kulturhus Furniture Stockholm
1983 Liljevalchs Vårsalong Drawings Stockholm
1982 Gallery Gallerit "Deck of Cards" Stockholm
1982 Gallery Futura Collage Stockholm
1982 Art Fair No 2, Gallery Futura Paintings Stockholm
1982 Art Fair No 2, Gallery Futura Paintings Basel
1981 Art Fair No 1, Gallery Löwenadler Paintings Stockholm
1978 Liljevalchs Vårsalong Drawings Stockholm
2006 Corridor carpets for
Ax:son Johnson AB
Hand-tufted 100% wool
2003 Corridors carpets for
Hotel Rival
Hand-tufted 100% wool
1995 Glas "Is i Doran" Collection of glassware for Pukeberg.
1998 "Carouschka´s Tickets" A collection of tickets from around
the world during 30 years.
Carouschka/C v Zweigbergk
/P Kihlgård
1996 "Razzia"/BonnierAlba Poetry/photos Carouschka/C v Zweigbergk
1991 "Prezzat" 50 hand-bound. 27 authors about compressed bath tubs. Carouschka/A Bastos/F Lieberath
2002 "Kaninkok" Film script Carouschka/Ö Rudahl
1999 "Ett filmmanus" Film script Carouschka/Ö Ramberg
1993 "Hett, hett, hett" Short film script Carouschka/B Smeds
2000 "Ventilationstrumman" Roman script  
2004 Orionteatern
2002 OptiMail, Inmodo
2000 IKEA Kontorskatalog
1997 Fastighetstidningen
1996 Telia, Volvo
1995 Mekano Film & Television
1992 Brindfors Annonsbyrå, Intellecta
1991 CityMail, Spardelegationen
1989 Hanser & Co, Franska Institutet Sthlm
1988 Ogilvy 2, BDDO Reklambyrå AB, Poe Form
1987 SvD, West Art AB, Stadsteatern, Artman AB, Beckers
1986 Marabou, GB Glass, Göteborgs kex, IBM, DN, Aftonbladet
1985 Swedish Modern, E Dahlskogs konstkatalog, Kosta Boda, Trygghetsrådet, Restaaurangkupong, Sprall, Dots, Felix, Åkerlunds & Rausing, S.O.S.
1984 Euroworld, Modern Manager, Wahls, Absolut Vodka, Ericsson, Twilfit
1993 Konstnärsnämnden Professional grant
1992 Konstnärsnämnden Professional grant
1989 1 a: Designpriset Sprall, children´s books
1987 Utmärkt svensk form Carpets
1986 Guldäggsdiplom Postcards
Beckmans College of Design (Beckmans Designhögskola), Stockholm
University College of Art, Craft and Design (Konstfack), Stockholm
Berghs School of Communication (RMI Berghs), Stockholm
School of Design and Craft (Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk), Gothenburg
Beckmans College of Design (Beckmans Designhögskola), Stockholm
Royal College of Technology (KTH), Stockholm
Berghs School of Communication (RMI Berghs), Stockholm
School of Design and Craft (Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk), Gothenburg
Faculty of Architecture, (Arkitekturhögskolan), Lund University
University of Linköping (Linköpings Universitet)
Head Office of IKEA, Älmhult
1977-78 Made Arkitektkontor
1976-77 Hagman Arkitektkontor
1976 AOS Arkitektkontor
1975-76 A4 Arkitektkontor
1972-73 Bengtsson & Sundberg Arkitektkontor
1970 I-3 Arkitektkontor